Animation Production (TV/web Series & Features) :
Art Director, Production Lead/Designer (character, BGs, colour), Director.

Consultation Service : Hourly consultation service for clients wishing to create an animated project/production and know what
and who is best for their needs, production structure, budget and schedule advise. Email me to book a session.

Print, Advertising & Online : Children’s Book illustrator, mascots, education & apps.

Contact :

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Freelance artist guidelines:

  • When emailing me your inquiry: The more information you have in your brief, the easier it will be to work out a quote. That includes design examples, character profiles, schedule etc. If you already have a budget set aside, which I recommend you have, email me your brief and budget for further discussion.

  • Price: Depending on the job brief, I will charge an hourly rate or a set fee. I am open to negotiations, but I do charge industry rates and do not work for free (unless it is charity based). Please check out this ASA link for a idea of industry illustration rates for books.

  • Copyright Information: I like to inform clients that copyright of the artwork remains the property of the freelance artist, unless you are additionally purchasing the copyright from them or have discussed it further with the artist. Until then, you are paying for the exclusive license to use the artwork for the specific project outlined in the brief. You cannot use it for anything else, modify it or sell the artwork.

  • Contract and T & C's: I send all clients terms and conditions with the contract, which specifies the job details, payment and schedule. This is also your opportunity to inform me whether you wish to purchase the copyright and/or discuss privacy of the artwork before the project commences.

        If you would like more information on copyright ownership or hiring an illustrator, please visit the Illustrators Australia page
(whom I'm a member of) for more information.